RSCloud (Remote Services Cloud)
As practice shows, monolithic applications, complex and "heavy" services - are not used in heavy duty systems because of its "slowness": the complexity of the modification, extension and support.

Many companies, start-ups, start with the development of monolithic prototype, because you need not think about a distributed infrastructure, and all the forces sent to the business problem. But always, when the system grows to a certain functional complexity, the data streams passing through the monolithic complex increase, then begin to show problems with the application architecture: one error in the logic of a secondary function leads to the collapse of the entire application. If this application is essential for businesses, such state of affairs is not acceptable.

You can start to develop the project with a monolithic architecture, but always, when the project enters the regulatory burden, and perhaps earlier, developers face the problem of stability, expanding complexity.

INOGST offers RSCloud system, whose role - provide companies with the tools to create high-quality infrastructure as much as possible independent services.

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