The block diagram of a distributed system RSCloud



Device1, Device2, ..., DeviceN - devices, system nodes: servers, personal computers

Service1, Service2, ..., ServiceM - deployed services

ServiceType1, ServiceType2,  ..., ServiceTypeK - types of services

ControlPanel - system control panel RSCloud

System node - devices (phisical or virtual) combined RSCloud infrastructure, allowing to run services.

Service - program unit RSCloud system functional levels: business level (conveyor control, calculation of exchange risks, ...), infrastructure (channels data exchange / teams, ...) and system level (logging channel data / commands sharing and monitoring system components, ...).

Service type - conceptual purpose of the service, for example ServiceType: Logger - logging transport system messages. In RSCloud system, all types of services are stored in a special repository, if necessary, start the service on a particular node (computer), the desired type of service is extracted from the repository and instantiated (started) on the correct node. The same service can be started on different nodes, such as service - ponitoring node proizvolitelnosti - zaruskaetsya on each node, which want to monitor.

Control Panel - visual way to monitor and control the system: start / stop / zapershenie services, service indications view, the cluster.

Cluster - group of nodes / services, united by common data / commands exchange. Some computing nodes (computers) may be included in different clusters.