Notification of the output of the system beyond the permissible limits

Using the metric system, whether latancy system level or profit / company loss for the day, we want to know about the violation of the standard level indicator, we do not want to slowly know that there was a degradation of the system and now the computation takes 2 sekudy at the position of 100 milliseconds. Or the director and board members of the company would like to know that with the business all right every day, and if, for example, the daily revenue fell at times in comparison with the previous month, you may need to do something differently business will die! It is very important that these metrics were measured klitichnye are handled automatically, eliminating the human factor.

You can receive notifications and reports to any channel as you feel comfortable: Viber, Telegram, Email, Skype, SMS, ...


Keep your finger on the pulse of your business, in response time by taking the right decisions, and it will consistently thrive!