System monitoring

You can not control any system without the benchmarks of the system! So for the information system of this statement is true. So we can clearly interpret the state of the system in a set of indicators, many or few of these features depends on the area and tasks, such as system serving Balide Formula 1 have thousands of parameters, in another area of the two will be enough.

In general, the metrics-performance - it is the numerical value of some characteristics of the system, such as general indicators and infrastructure is: latency - the passage of command/signal from the sender to the recipient; if you look at the business system level, it can be daily profit/loss of the company.

The key is that these indicators should characterize the current state of affairs.

Keeping such a time series, it is possible to produce different kinds of retrospective analysis, asking whether the system improves the quality in general? How will the introduction of a system of technology "A"? - The system level; whether the business grows? Whether improved quality division after engaging a consultant? - Business level.